Friday, July 19, 2013

Week 2 playlist

Great job week 2 participants! These videos represent the focused work of a few hours.  They represent the courage to create and share!  The topics were mainly student chosen and range from introducing themselves to talking about some of their experiences at the OMLI, to discussing personal topics of importance.  View the playlist here or scroll through this blog. (Click on older posts at the bottom of each page to see more.)

Happy viewing!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Jesus & jhony

My Passion

Peggy's info

Had lots of fun

I really enjoyed this field trip. This was a really nice experience that I'm never going to forget. I met new people that I was able to relate to. I also overcame some obstacles that I had in my life like going on the rope challenges. I'm going to try my best so I can get accepted for next year 
and thanks a lot to the staff!(:


Lucas & Hernan

Sara & Monica



Monday, July 15, 2013

Vanesa's Experience

Jesus Experience

Balbaneda's Experience

Johnny's Experience

Bryan's Experience

Javier's experience

Joana's Experience

Erika's Experience

Aileen's experience


Eric's Challenge Course Experience



Experience with the challenge course

 What we did is to get on the challenge courses. At first I didn't wanted to get on some challenge courses because I'm afraid of heights. So my roommate came up to me and told me to go with her and try some challenge courses with her. I wanted to accomplish to over come to my fears. When I was climbing and I got to the log my feet started to shake and I just wanted to give up but my roommate was cheering me up and not to give up. I learn that it wasnt that bad overcoming your fears.



Experience with the Challenge Course

In my opinion every student had a great day. We all had a great experience and we also learn that sometimes you will have to overcome  your obstacles. We learn that we are here to support everyone because we are all leaders . We are " teamwork"





Maria & Christian


Janet, Aileen, Andrea, Suri, Sergio, and Luis



Jendric, Mayra, Cindy, Roberto, Tanya, and Eric